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Crossing Borders

The first film of Crossing Borders Films' intercultural trilogy, Crossing Borders is a seventy minute documentary that follows four Moroccan and four American university students as they travel together through Morocco and, in the process of discovering The Other, discover themselves. With group travels and frank discussions, the students confront the complex implications of the supposed clash of civilizations between Islam and the West. The relationships formed through shared experiences contrast sharply with the media-shaped views Americans and Muslims have of each other. Humor, honesty and a willingness to be challenged all bring individuals closer to each other and the relationships that develop disarm hidden stereotypes.

Winner - Illinois International Film Festival Winner - Honululu Film Festival Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

Crossing Borders is available now to purchase for both private and public screenings.

“Good films explain the world to us. Great films show us how to make it better. Crossing Borders is a wonderful film that deepens intercultural empathy.”
Mark Bauman, EVP National Geographic TV

Educational Materials

In collaboration with National Geographic Education, Crossing Borders Films has created a web based tool which explores issues covered in Crossing Borders. It is available for free on National Geographic's website.

Our partner Crossing Borders Education has also created a series of educational toolkits using clips from this and our other films.

“Crossing Borders has proved to be a critical preparation tool for profound intercultural learning for my study abroad students. The authentic and transparent voices in the film models what students can practice in their own experience and gives them the courage to develop transformative relationships.”
Dr. Naomi Ludeman Smith, SIETAR-USA 2014 Conference Program Chair and Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies, Bethel University

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“The film Crossing Borders forced my students to analyze their own beliefs. They were challenged to think before acting and to get to know people before forming judgments – regardless of culture, race or religion.”
Cory Smith, Assistant Director of Study Abroad, University of Cincinnati

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