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The Dialogue


"The Dialogue", created by Crossing Borders Films and co-produced by Michigan State University, is the centerpiece of the CBF-MSU Intercultural Film Project. The MSU Toolkit, developed by MSU and co-produced by CBF, provides learning resources to support the film. The feature documentary was completed in September 2013 and is currently competing in several international film festivals.


"The Dialogue", is a sixtyeight-minute documentary that follows four American and four Chinese university students as they travel together through Hong Kong and Southwest China. Together the students explore each others backgrounds and learn skills of cross-cultural communication. Their shared travel adventures, emotion of culture shock, honest confrontations and discoveries about each other become doorways to deepen their understanding of the world, of themselves and of styles of communication that are able to bridge cultural differences.

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Created by Crossing Borders Films and co-produced by Michigan State University